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Ask The Questions

by Dealing With Damage

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    Dealing With Damage are a Punk band from London featuring former members of K-Line, Jerrybuilt, Done Lying Down, Sink, Bad Dress Sense, Chocolate, Down Love, Spandex Nappy Rash & The Scum Children.
    The "Damages" went for a fantastic Eco friendly CD, even Greta bought one.

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Stop Everything Well, this looks good on paper. Feels like we have a future. Landlords to landfill in the blinking of an eye. We're taxing paper cups now; that's taking baby steps. Abandoned satellite's still space junk in the sky. So, pull the plug on this life. Give us the chance to breathe. Yeah, pull the plug on this life Stop everything that can be stopped Stop everything just turn it off. I'll stay out here in the rain And I'll sit on this swing. Sit here knowing some thing's going wrong again. I had a dream that one day minefields floated away, But nature's gonna get us in the end.
No Money No Peace It's time for a crusade against the powerful and insidious pull of resignation. The numb acceptance that we can't make a change Must be shown up for the fiction that it is. If we can't then who can? If we won't then who will? There's no money in peace, love and understanding. So, we're making the world a more dangerous place. Day by day. Slow fade to grey. We're always seeing the sunny side of the night. And another casual atrocity As the ground slips out from under me. Day by day. Slow fade to grey. It's time for a crusade against the powerful and insidious pull of resignation. No numb acceptance that we can't make a change. Give me the sunny side of the night. And another casual atrocity So, the ground slips out from under me. Day by day. Slow fade to grey. No money in peace!
How Much Will We Let It Affect Us We're a complex pick and mix That so often tastes like rejection. Blended with….choose your poison or abuse. Line them up. Blow it out. Throw them down. Don't deny it, you're searching For the warmth of affection. We're just simple machines Working through this confusion every day And then it starts again. How much will we let it affect us? Time is counting down till they come and collect us. Succumb or overcome? That's the defining question. One day when they come for me I'll wish I played it right. Monkey no hear. Monkey no see or do. So take your time, don't ping it straight back Take a deep breath then engage. The world's attention span might be shrinking You can't be satisfied with just slogans and lies. Given a choice will we let it affect us? When we face hatred will we let it deflect us? If we find love will we let it protect us? Because every day it's stay, or run away. We face these choices, situations, shouting voices....
Worlds Within A World There's no time like your time I get lost inside it. Your time twists and folds, Ignores all the rules, Your time loops and bends back on itself. Worlds within a world. We don't all tick the same. Can't keep up with your time. It knocks me sideways. Sometimes I get a glimpse of how it looks to you. I grasp for pieces that spin and fade. On this construct that we call time What day is it today? Different is difficult. Different is beautiful. Your mind is beautiful.
Language Lesson Got a war on poverty. Got a war on crime. Contractors doing wet work on the front line. You're missing the language lesson While they subvert your democracy Covert police actions; contingencies. Had ethnic cleansing since we sailed across the sea. You're missing the language lesson While they subvert your democracy Time for a language lesson. Don't let them take your democracy.
Slow Shadow 02:42
Slow Shadow No, I don’t want to be that slow shadow The one I just walked by on the street. Yeah, I’m escaping that slow shadow. I’m not tied to that shuffling beat. Do you remember the future? Do you remember when it looked so good? It was gleaming, streamlined and full of hope Just waiting to be misunderstood. Can’t race it, outpace it You'll never get out of its way So, face it, embrace it Before it up and carries you away I know one day I'll be that slow shadow The one you push by on the street. That old man in a hat with a bent back; Irritated by his fading memories. But until then here I am; So, listen up, pucker up and shut the fuck up Because there’s too much to do and not enough time. I still remember when the future was mine I remember. Yeah, I remember. I think I remember, but one day I won’t remember anything.
The Process 02:02
The Process You're dreaming again. Heat stifling you again. The dusty streets, rotting fruit, menace in the hills. You fell asleep despite mosquitoes and a hundred barking dogs And woke up in a room too hot, dripping sorrow, sweat and snot. Outside a storm is raining righteous judgement on the streets. Not enough to clear your head from last night's dreams. The process plays out day by day But some regrets won’t go away Where faces stared at you expectantly from inside your head Finally, after all these years, you know what you should have said. But consciousness erases the eloquence of the night You can’t go back to that moment and make it right. The process. Watch it play out. Some regrets remain.
Strange Melody It's complicated watching your life go bad. Dwelling on all those opportunities that you never had. Sometimes you tell yourself that's just how it goes, But running through your every waking moment, that cold wind blows. I’m dreaming that I'm falling, and it feels so real. When I'm dreaming that I'm winning why does it feel so real? Trust me I haven’t touched that stuff in months. Well maybe once or twice when I needed the energy. Believe me, I haven’t called that girl in months. Well maybe once or twice when I needed the company. There are moments when I tell myself that I don't need your help. On drunken heavy metal evenings singing by myself. Sing! Believe me, I haven’t lied to you in months. Well maybe once or twice when I needed the victory. Forgive me, I get so mixed up it hurts. I'm like the song you play when you need that strange melody. I’m dreaming that I'm falling, and it feels so real. When I'm dreaming that I'm winning why does it feel so real? I’m dreaming I’m not broken.
Sharkbait 02:52
Sharkbait I'll never understand your pain for what it is. And I'll never understand the way you see the world. I'll never understand your needs for what they are. You don't know your limitations that's why you go too far. But is that a bad thing, tell me? There's value in what we think is crazy. Outriders, risk-takers, shark bait. They’re the reason we don’t stagnate. You'll never understand why we say the things we do And you'll never understand when one and one don't make two. You'll never understand why we do it like this. We think we know our limitations, so we avoid the hit or miss. But is that a good thing, tell me? We can't always play it safely. Outriders, risk-takers, shark bait. They’re the reason we don’t stagnate.
Some Colours Never Fade Sunshine and icicles. Stardust and pain. Snakebite and promises and a smile on the train. Nightmares and sanctuary. Our fists in the air. Diving and looking down. We know we were there. I'm seeing different colours round me now, They're filtered through those days. All aboard to change the world. Some colours never fade. Gibson’s and 8%. Cymbals & sticks Our songs on the radio. Slogans and bricks. Wearing clothes bought from charity and listening to Peel. The bullshit and clarity. Nodding off at the wheel. The stage and the studio. The sky and the road. Paranoia and arrogance and feeling exposed. A noise to believe in. Pot noodles and tea. Tape lists and liner notes. Flyers and dreams. Plugged into the underground. Thinking, drinking too much. We made this community and it's all about love.
No Barriers, No Protection We try to fill these rooms with laughter, conversation and instruction. We try to keep anxiety at bay. That's why it hurts when cold creeps in. Most of us just want to be happy. Everyone wants to be safe. How can we aim for the same goal - end up in a different place? No barriers for capital. No protection at all. It's so cold tonight it will trouble the foxes; they're keeping their heads down. It feels like we're walking on a treadmill Going nowhere, anger turning inwards. Facing down accusations - gravity don't apply You’re a judge, you’re under oath; revert to type and lie. No barriers for privilege. No protection against the rich. Why is it so hard for us to grasp that the vulnerable need to be protected? Why is it so hard for us to understand the importance of history and context? How have we come so far and yet we still discriminate based on sexuality and gender? What is it that we don't get about the link between the health of our fragile planet and the extinction of our species? Why do we constantly vote into power people to whom self-interest is a religion? Why are we unable to mount a credible opposition to all of the above?
The People I See The people I see they’re feeling angry. The people I see are frightened & confused. The people I see they’re looking for alternatives. The people I see they’re beaten and abused. The people I see are bitterly divided; facing uncertainty. The people I see they’re gullible and bigoted, Dumbed down, data-mined and left to rot. So, people educate yourselves and stay ready for action Come on people you can free yourselves; Just don't get buried in distraction. The people I see they’re disenfranchised The people I see they’re disgusted The people I see they’re proving resilient The people I see well they’re shackled by debt The people I see - they're resisting. Tearing off the cover and looking inside. The people I see they’re worried that it's too late But critical thinking ain’t a waste of time Closed-loop. Break out. Engage. Keep not believing and know who you’re dealing with. Critical thinking is a step to freedom. Learn what they're teaching and know why. Listen to the enemy. Know when they lie. Question everything you hear from all sides Because ill-informed and stupid is no way to go through life.
For Barbara Dane Look out your window. Look out your door. The world's still crazy there's more trouble in store Every night we go to sleep with the world in a mess And wake up to more of the same. There's too much money in not enough hands 1% motherfuckers in every land. So mind the gap because it's gonna get bigger Even though there's enough to go round. Well the powers that be need to keep us meek Trap us inside, keep us off the streets. Narrow our focus to the stories they choose While we sit our easy chairs. Look out your window. Look out your door. Think about how we're gonna change this old world. We keep saying that we're gonna make it all right Then get lazy, selfish and die. So, open your windows step outside your door. Scream your opposition when they try the next war. Protest singers keep on singing your songs And keep your voices strong.
The American Empire Destabilise. Demonise. Manufacture crisis. Protect the elites. Dealing in covert actions. Supporting corporations. Undermining society. The American Empire Hunger! Violence! Corruption! They're fleeing a failed state. You caused this. You planned this. Set the fire. Turn 'em back. When they try to run away. The American Empire. Asset stripping vampire. Human rights violators. Racist fucking empire.


The release of debut album ‘Ask The Questions’ feels like Dealing With Damage have finally hit their stride and there’s an urgency and an energy around them now that feels really good. 2019 saw the group get to share stages with musicians that have influenced the members of Dealing With Damage greatly over the years (these include The Messthetics, Soulside, Moving Targets and Ruts DC), along with regular gigs on the UK’s fantastically healthy DIY punk circuit.

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released January 27, 2020

James Sherry - Drums
Paul Grier - Bass
Ed Wenn - Lead vocals & guitar
John Ruscoe - Lead guitar
Andy Myers - Vocals
Leanne Taylor - Kalimba
Steve Cox - Keyboards
Stuart Pears on - Piano
Roop Coulson - Backing vocals & percussion
Kent Nielsen - Backing vocals & banjolele
Cassie & Chris Fox - Backing vocals
James Peake - Backing vocals
Recorded between October 2018 & June 2019
Edit & mix by Roop Coulson
Recording by Matt, Ed & Paul
Mastering by Paul Yeadon
Photos from the Jim Bowles archive
Artwork by Paul


all rights reserved



Dealing With Damage London, UK


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